Our Story

Success to us means positively impacting our clients' and team members' lives.

Top 5 Takeaways

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  • 1

    We are 100% dedicated to our employees.

    Happy people become problem solvers. Happy people are healthier. Happy people are more fun!

  • 2

    Client dedication.

    Our employees are 100% dedicated to their clients.

  • 3

    We NEVER stop learning.

    It’s our not-so-secret sauce.

  • 4

    No finger pointing.

    We take ownership and hold our clients accountable for what we need from them to succeed.

  • 5

    Our rates are fair and hard-earned.

    No price-creep here. If we increase prices, we’ll tell you. We don’t nickel and dime you. We ensure your proposal includes all the support you need.

Once Upon a Time...


HD Growth Partners was founded in 2007 with a unique spin on the traditional accounting firm from day one. Our firm was built on a model that was focused on shared success.  As our employees and clients succeed, so does the firm. Our goals are hyper-focused on providing value to our clients, employees, and our community. Since its inception, HD Growth Partners has grown from a total staff of four to over 70 in our multiple locations, including those who work from home full-time! The expertise added by the entire team allowed us to offer a full suite of services at the level of quality that our customers have always been accustomed to. Our firm is committed to providing the highest level of customer service and our team of professionals understands that their client's success is directly correlated to theirs.


Our Vision is to become true partners with each client, instilling a growth mindset that enables them to build their own futures in a way that creates economic and community impact. We hope that we at HD Growth Partners can change the way people think of accounting firms. We are leaders, problem solvers, and lifelong learners and aspire to be the trusted source for all your business needs - accounting and beyond. We strive to provide value in everything we do.

Success to us means positively impacting our clients' and team members' lives.