Restaurant Accounting

Discover the Secret Sauce

We understand this industry changes every day so the clients we want to work with must be willing to commit to change head on – and then together we’ll watch your business soar beyond expectations.

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Find your Flavor

If you're in the restaurant business, you know success is no secret.

You just need to make sure you have great recipes and a keen eye for cost management - from food to labor costs. But don't worry if it's all sounding overwhelming; we're here with tailored solutions that can help your restaurant flourish like never before.

So, What’s the Secret Sauce?

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    Very Sneaky Sir

    Our team shows up to dine at various times/days. We will accumulate an assessment from various perspectives of your front of the house, menu, and food selection. 

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    Nerdy Tech Stuff

    Many restaurants are still operating out of a very manual accounting process. We review your internal operation for your accounting/management processes. We want to understand how you’re managing your two most important cost drivers (Product & People). We will spend time reviewing your accounting system, point of sale system, payroll processes, scheduling processes, inventory management, and menu pricing processes.

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    BAM! Let’s get cooking

    We want to understand your back-of-the-house processes. We’ve spent some serious time in the kitchen and we understand how important processes are behind the scenes.

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    The Main Course

    Now is the time that we roll out our recommendations and process improvements. Some you can handle on your own if you want, and some you can simply hand off to us. 

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    A Meal Isn’t a Meal Without Dessert, Right?

    The final phase is the most important. Follow-up is key. We continue to work by your side as a coach to see our implementation all the way through. Most of our clients keep us on as their outsourced CFO so that they know it never gets out of hand again. We do everything in our power to price this process appropriately so that our service works hard to pay for itself. 

Reach out today and let’s get a consultation scheduled.